Inscriptions Glass Engravers

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Engraved glasses are unique and individual. Because each item is chosen with thought and care, and with a particular person in mind, they become very special gifts.
Whether you are looking for a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, want to make an award or presentation or simply want to say "Thank You", a carefully chosen piece of engraved glass can say everything you want to say.
Unlike a lot of glass engravers and suppliers, here at Inscriptions all the engraving is priced per word (with the first word free for each item purchased!) so you only pay for the words that you need.
Browse through our large selection of engraved glass gifts to find the perfect present for a friend or member of the family. Our diverse range offers something to suit all tastes and budgets.
If you have any problems or simply want to know more about any particular item then please just give us a call and we will offer you all the assistance you need.

Worried about going shopping? If there are any items in my shop you think you might like I am very happy to send you photos and measurements to help you make decisions and can arrange postage or delivery locally.